RECAPS Stainless Steel Nespresso Reusable Capsules Refillable Coffee Capsules Pods for Nespresso Machines (1 Pod + 120 Seals)


Stainless Steel Case Obvious Advantages: Can be Repeated, It Do not Produce Harmful Substances, Health and Environmental Protection. Can be Filled with A Higher Quality of Coffee Powder, DIY a Variety of Flavors.

Compatible with:
-U & Umilk
-Lattissima & Lattissma+
-CitiZ & CitiZ Milk
-Gran Maestria & Maestria
-Le Cube

Not Compatible with:
-Essenza & Essenza Krups
-Dolce Gusto
-Nespresse Essenza C100
-Nesspress Vertuoline
-Nespresso krups TYPE XN 7006
-Nespresso krups CITIZ TYPE XN 7006

Notes: -It is Important to Experiment with Correct Amount of Coffee About 6 to 7g, (5g/spoon) and Also Pay Attention to Grind Which Can Neither be Too Coarse Nor Too Fine. Please Try a Few Times to Find the Correct One . You Will be Surprised How Good and Creamy the Coffee Is.

-Our Capsule is Designed Shorter Than the Original Nespresso Capsules to Avoid Damaging the Blade Plate, You Have to Be Careful When Put It in The Machine. Otherwise, the Capsule Just Falls Through.

Using Steps:
Step 1: Fill the Capsule with Coffee. Press Down a Little, But Do not Pack It hard. Packing Too hard, or Using Too Fine a Grind Could Block Water From Going Through the Capsule.
Step 2: Cover the Capsule and Snap It Closed All Around. Clean the Excess Coffee From the Surface.
Step 3: Put the Capsule in Your Nespresso Espresso Brewer. Try to Position It So That The Hinged Part of The Capsule is Facing up.
Step 4: Brew


Do you love your daily freshly brewed coffee? then these reusable coffee pods are perfect for you! They are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines and the best part you choose your own coffee blend to make the coffee the way you like it. They are reusable so no need to spend tones of money buying coffee pods when you can buy fresh coffee beans and grind your own coffee or you can use freshly ground coffee from your favourite shop.


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